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Pika - lizard and cream

Sale priceCHF 89.00

Pika is our smallest and most popular creation, where minimalist design meets maximum impact. A testament to the appeal of simplicity, these geometric, compact earrings have quickly become our best-selling accessory, loved for their understated elegance and versatile charm.

Main features:

Material: Made from lightweight, 100% recycled acrylic.

Size: At just 4cm long and 2.5cm wide, these earrings offer the ideal blend of discreet charm and eye-catching style, proving that great things come in small packages.

Design: With their clean, precise lines, the Pika earrings deliver an edgy aesthetic that complements any ensemble, from avant-garde to classically chic.

Accessories: We use 24k gold plated silver connectors and split rings. Although our accessories are designed to minimize allergic reactions, we advise those with specific metal sensitivities to check compatibility before purchasing.

Pika - lizard and cream
Pika - lizard and cream Sale priceCHF 89.00